Is circumcision normal

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You’ll do well I promise you.
I was circumcised ASAP after birth
Are we all supposed to be circumcised islamically?
Is it only for weirdos?
Is it like male fgm or some thing.???


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What do you mean ASAP? They didn't even wait? I got mine when I was 6 or 8 cant remember


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Nah as soon as physically possible after I was delivered I was cut
I’m thankful that I didn’t feel that shit lmao
I don't remember anything but my cousin got it when he is 12 through some professional place he said it didn't hurt a bit. Was macwiis gang for a week though
It's not normal. You're mutilating your babies because Jewish perverts from thousands of years ago preferred sucking boys without buuryos


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I'm obviously circumcised but it appears they missed 10% of the foreskin.


My son is not circumcised. If he wants to do it, he can do it when he's an adult.

There are actually Somali men who are not circumcised. I wonder what the percentage is. Maybe 1/100th of a percent.


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It is healther and more hygienic to do it. But islamically it is certainly a sunnah, but whether it is a religious requirement or not is in dispute, but the majority of the scholars( Sunna and Shi'a) consider to be an obligation, for certain reasons, like cleanliness.