Indian Man Worshiping TRUMP dies of Heart attack!!!


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He's going to lose, look at the polls, they are nothing like 2016. Far worse for him.
He's competitive in the swing states. I think he will have a trick up his sleeve in his final week (Medicare for All) to get the Bernie Bros to come out for him. Moderate Republican Sleepy Joe Biden won't know what hit him (I am not taking about the Adderall).


C'mon man
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It's not about Biden being popular or not this time. This upcoming election is essentially a referendum on Trump. You should see it that way.

Nobody is enthusiastic about Biden or Harris. I give you that. It's about kicking Trump out this time.

Also, keep in mind the major X factor of social media being purged of edgelords this time. This wasn't the case in 2016.


Daludug Above all
For people who excel in education, indians are the dumbest mfkers in the world religiously. I bet you will find people who worship thier own xaar there.
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