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Indian having a meltdown about Desi girls dating Somali men on Twitter


"You are your best thing"
Somali men forever ruining our reputation, if you are going to leave Somali women at least go for Latinos or Italians why you trying to smell like poop and curry :susp:


The next worst thing since Bogans on Ice
Exactly that’s why it’s funny

nobidy cares for Indians it’s just that it sounds exactly like when UK niggas get cucked so it’s hilarious

im pretty sure everyone knows how easy ajanibis are but ask @sigmund might be hard
It sounds exactly like whenever a Somali girl in NA goes out with an African American guy. You're lying to yourself if you try to stick it to one diaspora.

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I have seen some very beautiful Indian women.

But racist idiots will judge people on their origins so it will not matter anyway.