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Indian having a meltdown about Desi girls dating Somali men on Twitter

Odkac WRLD

Free my niggas Haqin and AhmedSmelly out the cages
I really don’t know why y’all are laughing this much :pachah1:
They sound like y’all whenever we have a Jamaican boy and xalimo thread stop lmao

Odkac WRLD

Free my niggas Haqin and AhmedSmelly out the cages
out of all people why pick desi?

it's just an uglier version of arab:nahgirl:

but getting even your ugly girls taken away by somalis when you thought they would be safe is in and of its self a huge L:pachah1:
Tbh that whole area of the world doesn’t produce many dimes at all :nahgirl:


Why do you guys even give a shit about this, it's like the Somali guys here who use to rant about Somali females marrying out daily.
Exactly that’s why it’s funny
The North American guys here bragging about getting a paki us the worst bit. We've been doing that for years and these guys are happy they just reached them.:mjkkk:
nobidy cares for Indians it’s just that it sounds exactly like when UK niggas get cucked so it’s hilarious
Bagging an ajanabi girl is an accomplishment to most of these sspot *****s who never never touched girl let alone played doctor with them. Ajanabi girls are cheap and easy to get
im pretty sure everyone knows how easy ajanibis are but ask @sigmund might be hard

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