Increase in gay /trans Somali men

In my whole years in Finland I only saw one fruity Somali at school, he was surrounded mostly by girls, his high pitch laugh and they he talks and walk made Somali boys pissed off and angry. That is it. I don't know if Finland is considered a scandi country anyway.
No, Finland is not Scandiavian country. Majority of these fakkits are from Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
If I go on tiktok , they're all over the place.

How come there's more gay Somali men then women? Why are they suddenly multiplying ? What is happening?
Social media just bringing everything to light! Am just surprised how brazen they are no regard for family or nothing!


A dagestani wife
I always said Somali men are too pretty and feminine ....those Vikings warriors are taking advantage of that.

Imagine a young Somali man in prison wow it is the dream for all those criminals in jail. :kanyehmm:
they are as pretty as kpop females without the need of PS and makeup.

I don’t know about anywhere else in the world but i know Scandinavian somali men have always had a reputation for being fruity and gay. That’s where the majority of gay/trans Somali men come from.
belgium got them beat on snapchat


Lol no offence but if you guys hate gays this much, it really means only one thing and that is deep down you are fruity yourself. Them living their life, the way they do shouldn’t really bother you at all, they don’t pay your bills and you ain’t their guardian.
Man, stfu. Why do you talk like you grew up thinking that buttplugs were pacifiers?
I don't understand how Somalis can be gay when our women are so beautiful, if you like to do it in the wrong hole girls have them too. if you have a wierd fetish there are many toys you and you wife can play with.