In Defense Of Geeljire!!

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My response to all these Wareersan Qaxootis who take shots at their Geeljire ancestors and relatives.

Civilization cannot be defined by the height of tall buildings, but only by the humanity between human beings. The word Civilized is often muddied with modernity. Modernity is a technological state not a status on humanity. Technological accomplishment have no connection to social development which constitutes civilized behavior. Western Fellating Qaxootis have redefined civilization to continuously point away from glorifying Somalis in any respect. They have even have borrowed these mangled terms to define themselves. The civil conduct between people in the poorest nomadic regions of Somalia are far more civilized than the heartless inner cities of Europe and America. The way in which neighbors care and interact with each other, looking after each others children is Somali humanity. Families responsibility to collectively share economic burdens is humanity. Modernity only describes the technologies which one uses. And often because of the glaring lights of the Western cities of the dammed.....

The ignorant Qaxootis trade modernity for humanity and think they are making progress.
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