I'm getting married


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So....I'm gonna be married off when Im 18. I just figured out that my parents have arranged a marriage for me before I was born. I was promised to be married to my dads best friends third born. I dont even know that negro very well. We use to play with each other as kids but that pretty much it. I haven't seen him in years, and in a couple of months Im gonna get married to him. Also we have a 5 year age gap between us. I really dont want for this marriage to go down, but my dad are as stubborn as me. I dont think he will listen to my concerns, and will see it as disrespect. Got any advice on how I should handle this?
one of your rights in Islam is that you get to decide who you want to marry without your approval there will be no wedding cause forced marriage is prohibited

Also you are not disrespecting your dad nor disobeying your parents cause forced marriage is haram

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hmmm well the best advice I can give you is
Is waal
Go wild
When you meet his mum or female relatives
Make sure they don’t like you
That’s what I did 😂
You need to make a storytime thread about this abaayo. I want more details.


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