If you haven't thought Somalis went too far in 2020

Bro , trust me , I understand where you are coming from, but don't you think it's one sided for blaming Hooyo Mataalo folks bringing degeneracy to the community when infact it's the opposite , I haven't seen a single youngster born or bred in South Africa acting like gaalo, most are quite, doing their activities low-key and not trying to bring unwanted attention even the ciyaalasuuq have some sort of decency , concealing their drinks and weed from Somalis.
But fobs they do it in public, we don't know if it's for attention or validation I have seen xaliimos and faraaxs wilding in and outside the club and you know they can't handle few shots of Vodka, going ape shit, they are newer arrivals acting like this waa yaab.

It was 3AM , I finished my nightshift , usual routine driving to a nearby petrol station Somali owned btw, filling my motorcycle then 3 fob xaliimos dressed in fishnet and two bizzare and flamboyant looking faaraxs were accompanying them , they were heading towards the kiosk , they were in an intoxicated state , screaming and yelling , they had jbl loudspeaker on , the background song was Nolosha Cusub Soo Dhawee ,
these fobs were hump drying each other , it was a crazy spectacule
an oday inside the kiosk locked the door , he kept counting his prayer beeds.
the sad part he was telling them to leave his premises, he kept replying to them waar aniga khamri ma iibiyo meeshayda baar ma ahaan , waar yaa ilaahay yaqaan, war naga taga , ma iga tagaysaan mise police ka kuu waca

their attitude immediately changed , it escalated quickly , all hell went loose
They were punching the window and spitting at it , they were threatening the old man "war xiininyo hadaa leedahay car banaanka u soo Bax diinta hooyada sidaas iyo sidaas".

i intervened at this point , I told the old man to press the red button , since the kiosk has a built up security system ,
I told these fobs to leave before they make it worse , instead I got jumped , they quickly rushed in , I was being defensive and trying to block punches , the flamboyant faraaxs kept punching , I gave him an upper cut and broke his jaw, nose and smashed his head against a pole but still he wanted to fight , the other faarax came for his rescue rushed towards me started tackling and flip kicking me it was me against two drunk fobs, then I punched his throat , he started to back away
then the three dh1los went in, they are fucking whales , bro I was being jumped at this point , I back flipped and kicked them , way i xag xageen wlahi , I didn't want to put my hands on a woman I got really mad and pushed her away , I used a cane to chase them away .

I got kicked in the head , liquor bottle thrown at , spat on by three whale sized xaliimos . It was fucked up,
As I was chasing them with the cane , the kiosk oday opened his window and shot gas cannister at them, he tossed a tazer at me and I used it against them.
We handcuffed them and police took them away.
They were shitting their pants, saying raali naga ahaada, na cafiya soomaali ayaan wada nahay , please ha na xirin.

I was very angry , I told the madow police to give them a good beating.

Fobs are crazy sxb many incidents similar to this happened.

They don't ever come near to the kiosk and run away whenever they see me lol
Reading this had me alternating between
:browtf: and:damnmusic:
Sry for laughing at your pain sxb but I was already chuckling at "kiosk" didn't know you guys called it that as well but that turn of events was unexpected to say the least.

I get what you mean, recent immigrants act outlandishly when they are wayward, since they have no reference point for "socially acceptable" western gaalo behaviour and thus they go overboard more often than not. My point is however that most fobs are decent Somali Muslims who want to engage even with us Hooyo mataalos, Soomaalinimada aad bey wey ugu weyntahay, which ngl is annoying at times but they mean well.