Idris Ebras new Somali girlfriend got me thinking..

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My god, you are insecure. bloody hell, i cant even troll you cos you'll probably kill yourself.

sxb calm the f*ck down and stop focusing on what random strange women do. you'll never have a chance with them anyway:trumpsmirk:
I don't care. Thats no the point of the thread . The point is why do madoow men date or marry other women other races beside their own. I answered my question in Op and it turns out they're ugly.

But anyways so u trolling that doesn't mean u into them? Lol. See I got u change ur mind.
Look at Iman and her half madoow daughter. U see the madoow genes it's so strong.

Daughter looks straight West African. Lol

Food for thought xalimos think before y'all breed or marry madoows.
you're worried about Iman's millionaire daughter?

You lost in life.
U know why she's millionaire because of her mom's looks. She inherited the money because of luck. But watch when her mom dies. She will be a nobody.

And plus didn't u block me and then why u keep replying to my posts and posting in my threads? Wallahi u are obsessed with me.


The OP, does have a point. Why isit, that rich black men, in the entertainment industry and the world of sport, go for non black women?
Could not this man, find himself a beautiful black woman to love and be happy with? Of course not, because he's a self-hater, who detests the way he looks.
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Nightline Kid

Imagine still using this shithole of a website.
Famous Somali men aren't immune to it either, it seems.

All of it reminds me of the third verse on "Gold Digger" by Kanye West


But alas, Kanye wasn't safe from it either


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Waryaa you need to get laid cuz this is embarrasing. once you learn everybody has choice to f*ck whatever they want only then you could move on
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