I wonder what’s your view about this deviant character by the name of AbdiGaalDoon. Please take this poll

My view of the Gaal-Doon

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He scares me. I fear him. I can't help but clutch my imaginary purse when I see him in a thread. War yaa naga qabta ninkaan :jcoleno:


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He isn’t a clown but he isn’t serious either.

Most of his opinions are to piss Somalis off or to stir the pot, so to speak.

But he also makes decent observations and is well read, even if I disagree with a lot of what he says.


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He's the most sane person here,very level headed. I agree with him on most things.


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I find it incredibly insulting being called a troll. I am one of the least trolling person on this website.


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Not sure he is gay but how would that work? That’s the biggest sin in Christianity and he’s basically committing sodomy

He isn’t gay or Christian.

He just knows those are two things that will give the average Somali a heart attack.
He has a unique perspective on things. If he was president of Somalia, the arms embargo would've been lifted for fear of being called homophobes.
:farmajoyaab:His first act as president of Somalia would be make a plea to Western nations for recolonisation.

Truth be told, I consider it a distinction without much of a difference. On one hand you have a cadaan bragging on social media about importing/enjoying the finest swine on earth in xamar and on the other a dagaax was nicknamed "libaax of xamar". :ayaanswag::farmajoyaab:

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