I want to see a United Somalia

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No Yemen is like Somalia divided by tribes.

Ethnicity > Tribe.

They are all South Semites related to each other.

I can only respect nationhood claims of ethnicities, not parochial tribes.
I literally said South Yemen wanted its sovereignty because of it.:drakewtf:I never said it started it.:snoop:

There is a global norm that you only can obtain sovereignty from the UN recognized state. Self-declaration is not respected by other countries. South Sudan received it through agreements with Sudan. South Yemen can declare all it wants, but won't be recognized so long as Yemen is the UN recognized state. Also, the STC does not even control all of former South Yemen and is a fringe movement.
Guys why insult the Op as if you could bully him to change his views?


Sxb, it’s a noble idea but, who will Somaliland unite with? The south is and has been in a total mess for over 3 decades and nowadays, the clan regions don’t trust one another and the federal government. There is no peace and Alshabaab is causing more havoc to a very fragile nation. Each clan region has their own clan militias armed to the teeth and could barely take the war to Alshabaab as united forces. They’re all armed to intimidate and fight one another. Show me one global federal system where regions or states have their own armies, it’s only in Somalia. Somaliland should stand alone and their main agenda should be establishing peace and prosperity among all the different clans that call Somaliland home. They should also establish peace and friendship with Puntland, so both entities could cooperate with security and instability coming from Alshabaab or ISIS and why are these two entities spending their meagre resources on threatening, intimidating and the occasional wars with one another when they can spend on desperately required infrastructure and social services? There are countries that function peacefully and are prosperous without recognition like Taiwan, therefore they shouldn’t worry much about the question of recognition as a sovereign state. If the south gets it’s house in order and Somaliland comes to the conclusion that a union can offer them better opportunities, then a union will be their normal course of action and unavoidable. Most Somalilanders are decent and honourable people who have the best interests of all Somalis at heart, but they are not only frustrated with the chaos and madness in the south, but are incensed by the insults they receive from their brethren in the South for seeking recognition and concentrating in building a peaceful and economically functioning State of their own. When we (Southies) come to our senses, I have the confidence that they will offer us the olive branch and help us heal together. Till then, there’s nothing they could do. Why will they get involved in this mess and be accused of siding with certain clans against others?


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Somalis are stubborn people, but a united Somalia free of tribalism is strong.


I have a lot of hope for the younger generation, the older generation is a lost cause and are beyond stubborn refusing to change their views on anything and being fine with living from paycheck to paycheck regardless of what happens to the populace and the country itself. As long as they sit in the seat of power progress will be at a snail pace as everyone wants to maintain the status quo with every old head being content as the ruler of their little dusty tuulo.


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I’m from Somaliland instead of recognition Which won’t come I’d rather see Somalis uniting together

There’s no reason to distance the north from the south

Especially When we are the same
-we speak the same language
- same culture

I’ve come to one conclusion nothing could have happened to Xamar of Hargeisa if Allah did not make the decree

And all should be taken as a lesson that could enable all Somalis to learn to get on as a unit
There’s no point of blaming one another for what had happened to the whole region we all need to look forward as one people the land is big enough for us all and too rich for us only

Forget tribalism we could all be brothers and sisters under one flag

Splitting up is making us weaker and fragile to other countries to take advantage of us

You are not a Somalilander


a united somalia is possible

qabilism can be cured with education about the origins of somalis we are all antive cushites who have inhabited the region for more then 5 thousand years we are not arab or whatever the hell some qabils think they are

when that is set and done one things left is the full unification of all somalis based on

cushite the race somali the ethncity somalia the country
"white" indo europeans the race italian the ethncity italy the country

with this we can repair the somali nationalism and thena succesfull country is built and the questions about idenity or race will be answerd and we wont fall back on tribal qabil arab myths or whatever
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