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Latino pan colourist
It must be some old custom, nearby on the neighboring island of Fiji they practice Rugby, I remind them of having won the gold medal in the 2016 Olympics



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Who am I to complain if the village community let him :mjdontkno:

Warya is it you who is hiding the tits?
Yaab :farmajoyaab: the point was to highlight chinese abuse in foreign countries and you are focusing on naaso :russ: laakin no sxb i didn't hid the tits this was the only pic I found.


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lmao i don't blame the chink ambassador - i blame the backward submissive culture of madows


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People in Kiribati are technically Polynesian (related to Hawaiians and Maoris (NZ natives). They are originally from Taiwan but are also mixed with Papuans.
Walle it's a Taiwanese loss then. China willi waa numba 1.