I just spent 3.5k on a ......


C'mon man
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After the 2K mark, usually, on a PC the gained quality are only marginal. Looks like you splurged too much or went Apple.
I'm trying to record gameplay for youtube, so that's why i'm considering it.
1000 quid is still enough on a 1080p monitor, probably sufficient for your 1440p needs. Just stay away from 4k and you're fine. Not to mention that the overwhelming majority of your audience would view it in 1080p/Mobile platform so they won't even benefit from it.

I'd suggest you use that extra money for peripherals or maybe even dip your toe in the black hat world to boost your startup channel.

I'm just saying, a lot of the PC videogame world is gas, hype and bragging rights.

Good luck on your YT hustle


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