I have confession, don't judge me

:banderas:What rumors cousin?
Somebody Said It's Reason Certain
Riyoole's Have ch*nk Eyes

Old Man Riyoole Fell For A Korean Lady In His Travels Hopefully I Will Carrying On The Tradition


But apparently it ain't that easy bro.. After this thread I now only imagine 3 nagging wives and a fourth one which is plotting to cut off my manhood :holeup:
No sxb you just have to pick the right ones. Make sure they're baari to their parents and kind to their siblings. They usually become nurses, or do social work. They love helping people.:mjpls:
I work with a older maybe early 40s somali guy he acts normal when he sees me however he talks behind my back saying how am I single to one of my coworkers and how beautiful I am. He started acting weird around me running the opposite direction sometimes after hearing what my coworker told me I think he has some type of attraction to me although he is married I guess he doesn’t know what to do with it? Lol he loves his wife too much I guess he left the job to visit her hasn’t been back. The way he acts to me creeps me out he somehow has no problem with the beautiful white black all ethnicities we world with no hijabs🤦‍♀️ Now I automatically inform somali I work with that I am a married woman so they can stop being creepy since I’ve done this the energy is amazing no creepy vibes. I only hope that dude doesn’t come back. Men can be animalistic in other words doqon.
One woman is not enough for me, I just think this whole monogamous thing is limiting as f*ck.. Do you faraxs feel the same or is it just me only? Maybe it's in our nature as men to have more than one woman, that's why Allah made it halal.. But one thing I dislike about polygamy is all the drama and jealousy it creates, beside you never know if one of the xalimos will poison your food or some other messed up shit :mjlol:
I understand one dick isn’t enough for me either it’s a shame I can’t marry four men
Anyone who says too many wives is a hassle is just a useless pessimist.

Imagine you come home from work, you are tired and you just want to relax and have your wife take care of you.

She for some reason starts her khaylo and balayo. All you do is pack up and go to one of your other wives and look for comfort.

You can't do that as you have to be strict with time. On the day you're spending time with one wife, it is haram for you to go and take her day and go to the other. Polygamy is strict. That sort of mentality gives polygamy a bad rep as you're using it to potientially manipulate and punish your wife with the fact that you can go to another woman rather than sorting out your issues.