I had enough of Koonfurians

A_A is freshie in the field of patriotism.
What she is saying now, we said it 10 years ago.
I was the most diehard unionist, one who even called for holocaust on the snm community: "How dare they disunite the people, indeed we must kill them." I was at such level of patriotism.

Finally i am awake.
True.. I once use to be a fierce Somali unionist nationalist.. Boy did I had a rude awakening :jcoleno:


A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
My patience with them is over.
There is no hope for them.

Lets split up the whole country and go back to how we used to be in the middle ages.
The only way to tame a savage is through savage means hadu illahay ku roon yahay when the moryaan militia enter mogadishu President farmaajo will use their cousins AMISOM to decimate them into oblivion