I feel sorry for Farmaajo

Xaaf is your Superior in Galmudug, his troops are in your land pacifying the Celi and Wagerdhac. Ina Cabdishakur is just trying to stay relevant, i don't hate him nor love him but the day aad ku xadgudubtiin you will incur the full wrath of HG from Gaalkacyo to Kismaayo.
xaaf is iljeex in galmudug his deegan (baraxley and surroundings) is his administration that's it kkk he can't even control cadado let alone waqooyi galgaduud let's not talk rubbish sxb. shakur is just an uneducated mooryan trying to legalize his isbaaro skills he is funny for sure though. If habar dugaag had any tabar they would take action, I got no problem with another 4 month war
I guess you can support farmaajo because of daarodism even though he

Add to the 1,400 billion hungry chinese population that will be feeding and demanding fish from Somalia's salt water.

Also china if you let China do business in your country they will not hire any of the local they will instead bring in their own chinamen employees with them from China.

"they will instead bring in their own chinamen employees with them from China"
I have noticed that too wlhi, lkn it's only a matter of time before they drive Somalia into debt and in turn demand something in exchange of cancelling the debt. The west has being doing that to poor countries now it's China's turn.