I curse my mother to the deepest depths of hell.

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A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
Your raison d'être is hating hooyos and single moms in particular.

Fight me. :eating:
Qoute me one time dissing single mothers? If indeed you speak the truth you feminist who wishes to silence me or shame me into silence for merely speaking out against the gynocentric society we live in im prepared for your manipulation :gucciwhat:
My mother is the single reason I am a gaal today. My last post. It was a great 3 months Sspot. I would love to hear her Caabad from the burning pits of jahanam. I dream on it every night. Macsalamo.
How can you be gaal if u believe in hell?
My mom drinks and prays rarely. She feels guilty. I know her prayers are not accepted.
I don't know if she identifies as muslim.
Woah. Pray for your mom, bro. Don't curse her.

I am a foster raised bastard. My old man left first then was followed by her. She always took her anger out on me. She made me suffer. He went back to his 2 halal families. She was basically, his mistress. The bastard does not acknowledge me.
La Xawla :(
May God help you. You need therapy.
Not open for further replies.