I am tired of seeing these Turkish trained Somali soilders.


It's all so tiresome
Nothing wrong with learning Turkish since they'll need it for advance studies.

Turkey also probably doesn't want to waste these kids on some low level bush war and instead wants them to establish a similar military ruling institution like they have in Turkey.

Goal is to have these kids who are strongly aligned with Turkey to climb the political career ladder until a pro Turkey faction rules Somalia.

Sadly the Turks have yet to learn about Geeljire and foreign alliances in the past. :mjlol:


[Cali Saleebaan][Migiurtinia]
Turkey has trained 5 batallions of 1000 each meaning total 5000 thus far.

6th and 7th batallions will be ready january/february 2021.

Turkey plans to train 10 000 somali soldiers short term and long term 1 million somali soldiers inchallah

Ok N&N bot, you are telling me 5k commandos are trained in Turkey yet 60 KM outside of Mogadishu is controlled by A.S?:drakelaugh:

PL and SL has their soldiers trained locally yet no terrorists can operate there and those regions are secured like the Kremlin, meanwhile your foreign trained once work for the government during the day And AlShaydaan at night, that is the only explanation why they are as incompetent and useless.:bell:

Sheikh Kulkuli

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Guys you have to understand that the somali army trainned in Turkey has been busy helping Osman bey fighty Balgay, Subutay and master yanis.
They helped Osman take over the Kuluchasary castle and raised the Somali flag that looks like Kayi flag.

Now they are even have a bigger threat from Aya Nikola.

Once Osman wins the Somalis will be sent back to Somalia Obasa.
Where they will help their karadash and Farmajo Bey.

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