I’m not raising my kids in the West.

It's good to take your kids when they are young so they can properly learn the language. You don't want to be like me and the rest of 'hooyo ma taalo' diaspora
At this point I'm just waiting for the day he converts back to islam
@AussieHustler what is it that I'm hearing? :bell:

Four obedient wives in this world and 73 Kardishians and Jenners in the other life, sometimes I scratch my head and ask, "am I a fool quitting this male privileged and oriented religion"? Considering 'Pascal Wager' for that reason. Since you don't know what and how heterosexual men feel, I know you can't empathise with me. Here, even my death has been exaggerated, I became the bogeyman of all things wrong, very soon, if you hear that I was advocating for an anti-abortion campaign, consider it as fake news.

What happened to our deal that you will introduce to me to the sister of your Jewish wife and become relatives via marriage?


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