HOW WAS your first day ....of fasting ?


Not hard at all, although the past few years I fasted in Africa, shorter fasts but in Canada its not sweltering hot so its easy
Bro @TekNiKo

Have you noticed that the fast back home is shorter yet more severely gaajo. You’ll feel like devoid of water and food.

Has that been your experience?

I think it’s because Somalia is a semi desert. It’s like you in the Sahara
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Classy not Ashy, walaahi
It was good. I had to break my fast (dates and water) on my way home. I didn’t eat much for afur. Went for tawrih. Came home clean the house and kitchen then made suhuur for next day.
wat did u cook for sahuur
did u know that ur deeds are multiplied especially if u offer Sahuur to ur hungry brotha


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