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How to spot NN Troll


I don’t care what a N&N bot thinks, case closed kkk #N&NFail :hahaidiot:

Everyone sees you are obsessed with @DRACO naaya get it through your head he DOESNT WANT YOU. Why do you keep going to other men calling them draco? I ain’t even the first nigga you called Draco :chrisfreshhah:

What an obsessed qumayo you love N&N and you love Draco but you can’t have both so you’ll take the one that pays you in the meantime kkk :mjlol:
This is Embarrasing's full time job bro. What else could explain her TEN THOUSAND posts in two years? @Embarrasings handlers advise her to use ad hominem attacks on whoever criticises N&N. N&N trolls cant defend N&N's defenceless actions, so ad hominem attacks are used to detract from and derail online debates.

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