How Should I Start Going to the Gym?

That’s it. After a ridiculous increase in weight this year, I’ve decided it’s time to better my health and to start going to the gym. I’ve already began eating healthy for the past 3 months, exercise is next.

I just don’t know where to start and I’m scared of looking like a fool after five years of being a sedentary Xalimo. Should I just hop on the machines and get to it? Find a specific exercise regimen to follow? Any tips from the health conscious people of Sspot?:)

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Between 17-20
Overweight but not obese.

I asked for tips, not a trainer, thank you very much. Unless you’re free of charge, female and live in Ohio :)
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Since ur beginner start with this before advancing to higher lvl
  • Step-ups. ...
  • Bear crawls. ...
  • Blast-offs. ...
  • Battle ropes. ...
  • Lunges. ...
  • Rowing machines

But i advice you to connect to @Factz since he is our expert n helped me with my gym routine before


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Get some resistance bands and a yoga mat.
You can watch from YouTube how to exercise with it. All from the comfort of your home.
Look up intermittent fasting.


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Me too, I'm ready to join ya! I've been skating off of genetics but I'm feeling like my metabolism is starting to slow down. Pilates is good, as well as strength training. I would start slow and incorporate simple exercise into your routine like lunges and squats for the lower body. That + a clean diet should be enough to see a difference. Also, this may sound controversial but who you hang with matters. If your friend group is "thick" you're more likely to be like that also. So find like-minded people who are interested in healthy habits.
I recommend doing the PPL program (search it on youtube). Do 20 min of cardio daily, eat in a calorie deficit and eat healthy. But don’t restrict yourself


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Eat natural cooked foods no processed food and no soda or anything sugary. Go outside and walk fast 30min-1hr daily and you should be good.


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No amount of working out will save you if you eat too much, you can't beat the laws of thermodynamics.

Eat less and count your calories to make sure. If you want a toned body then go to the gym.