How many qashins did you give out?

Radical Canjeerorism

The Preacher ☭
I rarely get triggered so I always thought that number was zero but looking at it now someone somehow managed to crack my armor and got under my skin, so congrats to whoever that is.
You are stingy with giving out rates in general, usually people rate more than they relieve. Xaasidnimada iska dhaaf walaal.
As for me, I love the qashin rating C4DE5700-BB9E-429F-B4B0-5A21A7D2DE1B.jpeg


Ja, Vi Elsker Dette Landet
I do "For every 1 Qashin you give me, I give 1 back" - So, I do not give Qashins unless it triggers or pisses me off, or it is directed at me, offensive or rude to the people of Somalia or myself.


Make that 31 to 47.
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