How many of you have come from a single parent homes?

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någon :)
Apparently it was too late to save me otherwise i would still be in the motherland. :kanyehmm:
My abo told me, i was too far gone to be dhaqan celised:meleshame:

It's never too late my son, pack your bags. :leobite:



A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
I don't even see the point of the court system for younger Somalis, unless he/she tryna take the kids to another state/country. I'm thinking since the couple were married there would be a mutual respect that both people would have to be there for the kids and financially support.
Let's be real walaalo the father has no rights in the western divorce courts or family courts he's reduced to the role of sperm donour
I lost my mother at age 4, but i'm not sure if this would make me eligible for this title. Mainly because my aunt was always around during my formative years and my father re-married later on.

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"You are your best thing"
Waarya I grew up in a loving healthy household. Not to say single mothers can't offer that but my father was very much present in my life.
Yh i still do, but know that im older they spend most of their time back home with my younger siblings.:mjcry:

My hoyoo used to make me that after a looong day at school. Nacaala i've become sick of eating "fast food" meals everyday.:kanyehmm:
Naclaa walee wa dhibaato. Pack your bag, what are you waiting for? Go visit familka.
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