How many of sspoters completed the Quran (memorized)

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I'm just not cool with that. I might try to recite the Quran if they translate the Quran in Somali or English.
The translations pale in comparison and can never match the Qur'an itself, it isn't just Arabic words put on a book, they're Allah's words.
It's what I have to remind myself when I read the english translations.
Then you listen to scholars(legit ones mind you, none of that Salafism) who've been dedicated to the deen for years tell you what the verse says, their linguistic meanings, the parables etc.
It's like the translation can only catch a glimmer of that.


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Where'd you grow up?
I grew up in burca kibir (quartier 7). My parents were more concerned about my school education than deen. As you know, education system is hard in Djibouti since French is the language of instruction when we are Somalis or afars. I did learn at a young age how to pray and what to say during praying but I forgotten most of it over the years.


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I use to go to crappy dugsis only on saturdays ( how much can you learn 4 hours a week?). But then this experienced macalin dugsi arrived when I was 13 and he started a crash course of hingaad/reading. All of us could read the big surahs like baqarah within 6 weeks. Mind you that I didnt even know the alphabet when I enrolled. Within two year I reached juzz 6-7, the Xamiims. When I reached 15 I became too lazy and the devil won. But also that amazing macalin left the country and moved back.
I was always distracted at dugsi and would like going there to see all the beautiful xalimos :ahh:and see who the macaalin will karbaash :damedamn:

I was also distracted because the dugsi I went to absoutely STANK like bad breath and smelly feet :hova:

How can I be a studious student of the deen when the learning environment wasn't great? :hmm:


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i stopped going to dugsi at surat al tahrim rn im listening to quran audio on youtube inshallah ill complete the quran