How Jeegaan extremists tried to sabotage Nimcaan Hilaac parties in Europe


The extremist people of Jeeganistan after Maxamed Burger King show failed in Kenya since he hates Mogadishu and Somalia and is nationalist Jeeganist. Since his show failed he has been mocked on social media and Jeegaan youth were bloody angry by the fact his show failed and tried to sabotage Nimcaan Hilaac's party in Germany which they failed in. Many people of Awdal were ready to defend his party. Jeeganists are emotional rats.

He went on to Sweden Stockholm today to have another party

Other bloody fact is I heard is Cawaale Aden had to cancel his show because many rat jeeganists high on khat and extremists ideologies were ready to sabotage his show for the sake of Maxamed Burger King.


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