khat is jeegaans favourite drug

  1. Manafesto

    Ethiopian PM dispatches his security Advisor to coerce SL gov to re-sign a previous revised agreement on khat and vegetable imports from Ethiopia

    The Ethiopian committee was headed by Abiya's security advice, after they heard Somaliland might follow suit and switch their khat improts to Kenya, the Ethiopian PM dispatched this team to focr Dr Keys to sign the old reversed agreement again. Ethiopia considers Somaliland their sixth Kilin...
  2. Manafesto

    NEWS After 30 years of it's Existence Somaliland vows to create anti-drug task force in a region where drug abuse is an immenint threat to the most of SL y

    This was much needed task force years ago before the Somaliand khat abuse among teens tripled or quarallabled and was controllable, but anyway Kudos for Somaliland for realizing tax money they collect on Ethiopian khat trade is not worth the staggering khat abuse among it's male and female...
  3. Kezira

    How Jeegaan extremists tried to sabotage Nimcaan Hilaac parties in Europe

    The extremist people of Jeeganistan after Maxamed Burger King show failed in Kenya since he hates Mogadishu and Somalia and is nationalist Jeeganist. Since his show failed he has been mocked on social media and Jeegaan youth were bloody angry by the fact his show failed and tried to sabotage...