How Did Your Family Get to The West

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I think my dad was already living here in the 8o's in uk/sweden ( i never asked ab his story)

My mom came to sweden in the early 90's by plane.

Boom! they met
Boom! a bad was born (me)
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We escaped the civil war in 93 after a militia attacked our village and took all of our supplies and burned our shelters. I remember we had to walk for days without food and drinking unfiltered lake water until we reached Nairobi where we meet a Belgium lady who worked for the UN.

She sponsored me and my family and flew us to Brussels.

I got lost as a kid in a mall and lived with a Flemish family until I graduated high school and cut all contacts with them after I found out the reason they adopted me was just for money.

Somalispot alx helped me learn more about my culture and people and I am grateful for this site.

this story is probably bullshit but let's take it serious for one sec:

these people fed you, clothed you and raised you under their roof. in the real world, people don't do things just out of the kindness of their heart. so what if they did it for money, they still did so much for you. Ungrateful ass, you are indebted to that family :kodaksmiley:


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Siad Barre sent my dad to America and also my mom before the civil war hit, in the mid 80s, they met there and moved to Canada. They couldn't go back due to 91.
My dad left Somalia before the civil war (1989). He was working in Iraq for a few months until he decided to leave and went to Russia where he took a train from there to Finland and arrived in Finland in (1990) one of the early Somalis and dark skinned people there at the time. My mother didn't arrive until 1993 / 94 but she was out of Somalia when the civil war just hit and she lived in Arabta for a bit until my dad sponsored her.
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My both grandparent living in the west decades before the civil war but in two different countries Italy and the UK. My parents marriage was arranged by them and they were both also raised in the west.
Mine won a lottery to first go to Europe before making their way to America. Tbh it was mainly Daroods who came as refugees. Hawiye are economic migrants.
my dad tells me the somali gov helped him get to america, he moved to canada than sponsored my mom, civil war happened like 6 months after he left
Father escaped before USC reached Mogadishu (November 1990), finished high school in Kenya and then flew to the West as a student. Lucky he bounced, not long after he escaped, USC came to the house he was living in and murdered all of his cousins.

Mother had an Arab passport and lived there for a few years before also moving to the West as a student.

Met through mutual friends.

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Let's hear ur stories
My father left Djibouti in the early 1980's for Paris, France so he could attend University there. After he graduated University in the mid 80's, he chilled for a bit in France. Then he left because Paris was a trash city.He had a Algerian/Russian wife at the time. They both moved to Montreal, Canada. Then they moved to Ottawa, Canada where my half brother Guedi was born. They moved back to Montreal for a few years then they had a divorce. My Abo went back to Ottawa there after. My Abo later become fluent in 6 language's. French, Arabic, Spanish, German, Jappenese, and English.

My Hoyo was living in Hargeisa in tell 1988. Siad Barre bombs the hell out of Hargeisa, SNM and SNA starts to fight in the city blah blah blah. So my Hoyo lucky enough has family in Kenya so she legit W.A.L.K.E.D there. Yes walked from Hargeisa to fucking Kenya. Then when she finally arrived at Kenya, she stayed with her Habo Yator for 7-9 year's (she was 18 at the time btw). She met this Jibril Abokar guy, they got married, had my half sister. Later on, my mother got pregnant agian with my half brother but the Jibril Abokar guy did not want to be a father anymore and left. So, my hoyo decides to immigrate to Ottawa, Canada.

I would say "this is where my parent's meet". But they already kind of..
Knew each other. Lets leave it at that.:trumpsmirk:


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They both lived in Xamar though Allah guided them away some years before the great chimp out.

My dad went to work in Saudi because even their low-skill labour jobs paid better than skilled jobs in 1980s Somalia. He went to Europe after that.

My mom went to Europe simply because it was the cool thing to do at the time and a lot of her classmates were doing it after high school. It was something she seems to have decided on a whim.
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