How come Somali guys don't like

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It depends how they say it honestly. If she stretches it, Aboooowe, then it's starts to sound gay kinda. However, I don't object to it honestly, but I can see why.


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@merka I dare you to call me that, aryahe.



f*ck you im from Mudug
Ahhh memories! This beautiful girl called me aboowe in quran school, i think i was like 8 yrs old, and i felt in love :it0tdo8:
The choices are either "walaal" or "aboowe".

The former sounds way too formal to me and is not something I would ever associate a partner saying to me but rather something coming from a friend or an acquaintance, for heaven sake it's gender neutral and hence a great tension disruptor when a partner uses it.

However aboowe is gender specific hence direct linguistically speaking and can be used interchangeably for a male partner or friend, it's often paired with "macaan" for the partner and there is no equivalent Somali term that comes close to it in appeal or allure.
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