Homosexuality in somalia


Bishop of the order of Gacanta Furan ✋
That’s interesting. So those men aren’t Muslims anymore?
Wallahi I don't know, that was the least of my worries in that moment. I'm assuming they aren't, but then again we live in the age of transexual Muslims and women and gay imam's so I wouldn't be surprised if they still identified as Muslims.
I think you're getting two things mixed up, homosexuality has always existed in Somalia. However, people weren't brave enough to come out and flaunt their homosexuality like they do now. Also, it was such a shocking thing, that people didn't expose you. But with todays culture of social media likes and retweets, people want to become relevant by either flaunting their homosexuality or others may even spread your fitnah to everyone else. I know grown Somali men in London that are 70 and 64 who are happily gay, you think they just suddenly turned gay when they came to the UK? They both served under USC and were respected soldiers in Barre's regime.
Been badaana

where they participating in gay orgies kan their technicals