Hirshabelle Allows Al-Shabaab To Visit Their Wives

Somali men back home are spineless cucks acudubilaah
You and all the people who upvoted are talking hard, but you probably get bullied in school.

I don't know if they kill the husbands beforehand, but even if they didn't don't judge before you walk in their shoes. Ofc I think I'd sooner die than see my wife get took but I ain't acting like I was ever in such a position. If you live a safe, cushy life be humble.

Awdalia Rising

SSpot Special Correspondent
Can’t even blame the leaders anymore the people are totally okay with this, which is scary. Maybe that city has a strong connection to AS clan/family wise. That could be the only explanation do you think whoever controls that city is going to let bantu fighters of AS into their city to visit their wives? They’re probably inviting AS members who hail from their clan they already know who they are it seems.
Otherwise this is a call for all AS fighters to move their families to this city , and that CANNOT be true.


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