1. Helios

    BREAKING NEWS Hiiraan Liberation Front jabhad formed

    Seems like they blocked the new Abgaal Pres of Hirshabelle from coming to town Xawaadle is mad :icon lol::icon lol:
  2. Helios

    Hirshabelle Allows Al-Shabaab To Visit Their Wives

    After a long day's work of setting isbaaros & killing innocents they're able to stroll into Beledweyne to please their wives. :dead:
  3. Falcon

    NEWS Official Thread for the Conference in Dhusamareb

    President Abdi waare: President Abdiaziz Laftagraeen: President Abdullahi Deni: President Ahmed Madoobe: Post all the related posts in here to avoid going back and forth in different threads.
  4. Automaton

    Federalism was Created by the Previous Ethiopian Gov to Devide Somalia.

    https://www.thesstar.com/thats-a-bygone-era-somalias-federal-system-died-with-tigrayan-rule-in-ethiopia-2/ Divided Somalia cannot rise because they are busy fighting among themselves, like the wars between the federal states. Few elite "people" benefit while the rest are blindsided by this...