1. Noble

    Western Hiraan Community Mps show support to Hirshabelle

    Western Hiraan mps support the dismissal of Ali Jeyte accusing him of stoking Clan Discord in Hiraan.
  2. Rationale

    SOMALIA Farming Towns and Villages In Middle Shabelle(West of the river) and South Eastern GM

    The idea of this thread is to show the agricultural potential of this region. Most of these towns and tuulooyins are wrongly named or you cannot even find them on the Google Earth map. Closer look out of the farming towns and villages dotted all over the area. Ceel Raage Cali Fooldheere...
  3. Manafesto

    NEWS Shabbelle river farmers in Hirshabelle are severely effected by lack of water after the Ethiopian government dryed up the river

    Farmaajo and his Ethiopian puppet administration should be brought to justice for turning blind on Ethiopian drying up the Shabbelle river,the lifeline of many Somali farmers and communities in Hirshabelle region and it's surroundings. Nacaltulah Xarmaajo's short sighted actions and damages to...
  4. warside

    NEWS World Bank suggests Puntland & Jubbaland should give 20% of Port Revenue to Port less States.

    In a meeting between the federal government and federal states the World Bank presented this thought on revenue sharing arrangements for Somalia. The idea proposes the establishment of an equalization pot into which port states contribute 20% of their international trade receipts, such that all...
  5. Helios

    BREAKING NEWS Hiiraan Liberation Front jabhad formed

    Seems like they blocked the new Abgaal Pres of Hirshabelle from coming to town Xawaadle is mad :icon lol::icon lol:
  6. Helios

    Hirshabelle Allows Al-Shabaab To Visit Their Wives

    After a long day's work of setting isbaaros & killing innocents they're able to stroll into Beledweyne to please their wives. :dead:
  7. Falcon

    NEWS Official Thread for the Conference in Dhusamareb

    President Abdi waare: President Abdiaziz Laftagraeen: President Abdullahi Deni: President Ahmed Madoobe: Post all the related posts in here to avoid going back and forth in different threads.
  8. Automaton

    Federalism was Created by the Previous Ethiopian Gov to Devide Somalia.

    https://www.thesstar.com/thats-a-bygone-era-somalias-federal-system-died-with-tigrayan-rule-in-ethiopia-2/ Divided Somalia cannot rise because they are busy fighting among themselves, like the wars between the federal states. Few elite "people" benefit while the rest are blindsided by this...