Hey guYs how do I become cool user

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I have an IQ of 300
pls give me tpis on how to bcome good user thx
if u dont have anytnhing good to say then pls ignore htis :cool:
Don't make provocative (qabiilist and misogynistic) threads like I do. Racism other hand is not only allowed here, but encouraged. So feel free to spew any kind of racist vitriol.


I have an IQ of 300
Biiiiiitch, you will learn who I am.

Guys @DuctTape got hacked.

Mods delete this thread.
Are you dense?
Can you not gaze upon the splendor of my profile picture, and see that it proudly displays my title as the sovereign of fecal submissions?
In other words, the King, and only King, of Shitposting?
Leave this thread, for you have shamed yourself. I am the greatest user to ever grace this website, and my comments are on so many levels of irony that the rest of you dumb peasants will be contemplating what I meant for decades to come.

@government, god rest his soul, would be disgusted.


Crowned Queen of Puntland. Supporter of PuntExit
Mods the real @DuctTape has been hacked by @shanqale. It's not actually him making this thread, for his sake delete this thread.

I'm scared mods, what if @shanqale is also coming for my nick.

Terrified, petrified, mortified, oh the horror.

Damn you shanqale.


I have an IQ of 300
The illuminati of SSPOT got to him :damnmusic:@TooMacaan

TSP, my son, my friend, you are the only one that understands my struggle.
The SSPOT Illuminati and Cuck Retrieval Squad has ended government's life, and now they are coming for me.
The paranoia is destroying my sanity, I can't continue like this :jcoleno:
This thread was an attempt to shitpost as much as possible to create a barrier of meme magic to protect myself from @TooMacaan, but it doesn't seem to have been enough, there aren't enough layers of irony nacala :kanyehmm:
I leave my legacy with you :mjcry:
Do me proud :kendrickcry:
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