He's (She's) not that into you. Game!

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I've realized we have tons of socially awkward guys on this forum. As a good samaritan. I thought I would help them out.

If she takes forever to text you back and says sorry I've been busy, she's not that into you.

If she talks about other guys, or tells you stories about her time with other guys then you know it, she's not that into you.

If you hint about inviting her to dinner or coffee and she has other plans then she's not that into you.

She never texts or calls you first, then she's not that into you.

If she often mentions her ex boyfriend and drops his name in conversations you two are having then she's not that into you.

If she hardly laughs at your jokes or doesn't pretend that you're funny then she's not that into you.

If she burps Infront of you then she's not that into you.

If you don't know what scares her then she's not that into you.

Or if she's Somali then she will tell you to back the eff off. lol

Guys it was all fun and games, no feelings were hurt while making this topic. I would appreciate if both genders participated.


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I bet a lot of these socially awkward niggas are saved as 'Free Lunch':chrisfreshhah:


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Knew a nigga dat was saved as ride on some ****s phone


Nigga was flexin too like he a Casanova cuz he always drivin *****es around

@Idol is teaching you guys the basics here. This class is a prerequisite to slightly more complicated stuff like understanding and dealing with passive aggressive situations in relationships. Stay tuned.


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What about the grey areas where she sends you pics of food and deserts she made. Friendzoned or 'come and taste this' :cosbyhmm:


No big deal :childplease:...move on to the next one. Don't let any woman tie you down bros :kanyecute:
so in conclusion she dgaf about you.:comeon:
most mali guys are thirty af or put the chick on a pedestal from one extreme to the other smh.
This thread reminded me of something that happened to me recently. A girl came over to me at shisha and said my friend likes you and wants to speak to you. I didn't find her attractive but I could see her watching as her friend came over so I said yeah, I didn't wanna be heartless. Bearing in mind I'm sat with my boys, she comes over and we speak a bit and it's just awkward. So I tell her to go outside first and I'll be there in a min (my cousin was there and I didn't want him to see me with this girl). So I get outside we speak for a bit but my cousin and his boys all come out and see. They smile and look away and inside I'm dying of embarassment. The girl must have clocked and when they left I was about to go back in and she says to me "can I walk with you now?"

Wallah I started semi stuttering, like yeah you can walk with me what do you even mean by that? We both knew what she meant but she then said my friends outside anyway I'll come see you inside. So I go inside wallah feeling like a dog, I didn't wanna be cruel to her but she read the hints and realised. Inside we spoke for a bit then I got off. I still feel bad about it.

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