hes a dog

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Yes, lets of men are dogs. But that's because lots of women are promiscuous. Women are the gatekeepers of sex. If they all shunned pre-marital sex then dogs, cads and playboys would disappear overnight because their supply would dry up. I've never seen socially conservative, chaste women complain about having dogs and cads "sliding into their DM's, asking them to shake it on the cam" like this girl raps in her song. Girls who complain about these types of men are telling us a lot about their own lifestyles, whether they know it or not.
Not sure I agree but interesting nevertheless.
Never heard of her, but she brought some necessary societal criticisms to the public sphere with her lyrics imo. She's addressing shit ppl talk about behind closed doors.

YT auto-played this for me next: IIdk why. because it's Arab-derived and female driving ban in Saudi was lifted about two weeks ago? Notice how Dude Artist contemplated the
comments so he nasheed-styled it, complete with a thobe and imama, and used his beard as an instrument :dead:

HAHAHAH NOOO he didn't

Check this one out.

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