Exclusive HAYAAAAAAAAAAY! Alongside Dabcasar I filmed the interview with the alleged Arab “racist” Halal owner. Dabz almost attacked, I saved him. Come IN NOW!


madow lover
Somalis only hold grudges against other Somalis. If we were anything like the Jews, we'd be a superpower, but instead. We got folks like Dabacasar who believes hes an Arab and goes out his way to protect these people, we got folks who'll only remember what you did to them in 1991, but they wont remember what this Arab dude did to them a week from now. Instead they'd probably be in there, all up in his shop cracking silly jokes like, "You didn't see that protest happening uh-" swipe.swipe and purchases his merchandise.
Crazy I tell you.
don't disrespect darwish dabcasar ninyahow ka qalee gabar carab soo ma guursan what do you expect


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