Have you ever seen the face of an Somalispot user


The all father,CEO of 2 fortune 500 companies
You and @Abdisamad3 are embarrassing us ninyow. Every thread I see a Xalimo rejecting y’all hence why I don’t associate with you two. :ohlord:

I associate more with @Abdalla @Phiirso who are gentlemen and know the game very well.:wow:
Get your little head out of the gutter. Not everyone needs shipping, my life is good enough that I don't need sinful smut poisoning my mind. Thank you very much.:hillarybiz:


I’ll let my boy put you in your place when he gets online.

Don’t ever disrespect my guy like that again baranbaro yahey. :pacspit::pacspit::pacspit::pacspit::pacspit::pacspit::pacspit:
put me in my place? what's with y'all tryna discipline me? :gucciwhat:
i'd like to see anyone show up in my dms by your orders :hillarybiz:

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