have u ever met a non somali who claimed to be somali?

yep lmao. this one african-american dude in my class straight up yelled at me when i called him out for lying. he was like "bUt mY mOM's hALf sOMaLi" and we all knew it was bs. hell, he even had a breakdown despite lying. it was insane


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Yeah our bad rep is mostly due to the girls.
The guys aren’t loud and embarrassing
They lowkey, they just go about their lives, the roadman is busy doing roads, the arab wannabes are in the salafi masjids, bum is his mother’s basement playing games and the high value guy is pursuing his career / creating his empire.

xalimos are the loud and embarrassing ones, always on twitter tweeting about how much they hate being Somali and how somalis ain’t shit

but that’s women for u,its female nature to be destructive especially low class females.
Both genders have their faults but Halimo issues are superficial compared to what damages the Somali reputation worldwide.

Halimos being loud will not show up in government statistics for high crime rates etc.
Who is lining up the prisons?
Who is involved in knife crime and increasing their parent's blood pressure and grief?
etc, etc.


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That Amal Azzudin woman claims to be Somali

There are Madoow in the UK who gained asylum, pretending to be Somali, like Tanzanians. This happens all over
Never but I met ppl hiding their Somali heritage. This one girl had a Somali dad and Egyptian mom but identified as egyptian and never mentioned her dad until I saw a photo one day.


Taxation is theft
I’ve been accused of pretending but why though. Being of Somali descent doesn’t get special entitlements . It would be more logical to claim Ethiopian or mixed. And no one knows what Tuaregs, amazigh, or Berber is. This one maadow dude told me that I can’t be particularly Somali because my surname is British and Somalia never have any interaction with them......., Yeah, it’s not like there’s a whole territory named after them. If OTHER white people had to Americanized their surnames, then you wouldn’t you think my fucking African Muslim foreigner grandpa wouldn’t do that same.
Yes a Nigerian..
I knew he was lying and played along and asked him to speak Somali which he failed. And straight up told him he look Nigerian and not Somali then he claimed to be half Somali :mjlol:
Nigeria is richer and better than somalia why would he claim that smh i dnt believe u no non somali would claim somali wtf