Have any of you...

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Have any of you ever met or known a Somali atheist ? How where the like where they open and upfront about their apostate status ?
They seem numerous online but non existant in real life.
Never met one in my entire life, except for a half Somali lady, but she does not count.

Also I'm pretty sure some of the online ones r trolls.
Never in real life.

Somali athiests are fifth columns. They'll be praying taraweeh with you and you'll hear them cursing allah with every word they utter.


I have an IQ of 300
I thought I had a higher chance of seeing a unicorn than a Somali atheist until I stumbled upon this website :bell:
Don't play dumb you guys know for a fact why they're not public about it.

The intolerant Somali community would ostracise and attack them for their personal views.
How where they ? Did they tell you personally?

Yes they told me, eventually. They didn't just come out with it and say hey I don't believe in God. Most Somali atheists hide it. It was in real life, I know them.

I won't disclose it here... but they told me and than proceeded to explain why, it was heartbreaking.
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