Hassan Mahat appreciation thread

I know everyone is just jittering in their seats with excitement, for the day finally has come. This thread is because not only I but the vast majority of this community loves the work @Hassan mahat is putting in. From telling us stories about his Jewish girlfriend and his just lovely experience he has with her, and the work he puts in every day to argue with as many people as possible, and when everything is all said and done, goes right back into his talking points 😁

Love him or not (and let's be real no one is the latter) he is well appreciated especially by @Halimo Supremist who has expressed deep appreciation for this special user

We really do have to give him credit, despite most likely knowing he is in the wrong in a lot of topics he still fights passionately, and was even brave enough to do a poll asking if he should leave, and you guessed it, the majority voted for him to stay! After pondering for a bit I've realized that his biggest fans include @Maxaa kaa galay @Halimo Supremist @Asli @BlackJack and @Nafiso Qalanjo

That isn't to say that the rest doesn't love him, it's just that these few users love him a little too much if you know what i mean

Anyways, without further a do, @Hassan mahat will you come here and receive your prize?!

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I just know everyone is crying tears of joy, as their savior is finally getting the recognition he deserves

Hassan mahat

I karbash wahabist salafis daily.
oh man, here we go. The wolves will come out. Thank you you so much tho, for this thread. I know some haters don’t like me. Thank you again.