Has Anyone Seen Chernobyl?

Make sure to give a listen to podcasts if you haven't they cover a lot about the historical event itself and how they incorporate it into the show also there will only be 2 more episodes so don't get to attached as it's just a mini-series but if HBO realize that these kind of historical shows have an appeal they might make more of them (rip Rome greatest thing HBO ever made :mjcry:)

Rome is a good series. So underrated.
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I'm watching it through Showtime, Foxtel and it is maxed out via set box, mobile and laptop. Anyway, if I delete either one for you, they will detect the account being watched from two different states.
I was just playing with u.

I cancelled Foxtel because it was expensive. It looks like im getting Foxtel again.
As ‘Game Of Thrones’ Ends, HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’ Quietly Becomes IMDB’s Highest Rated Show In History




I haven’t seen the show yet. I’ve read about it some in the past.

A few people I know were discussing this show, and after going into detail about it, they all agreed the worst part for them was the harm the animals underwent more so than the humans.

Knowing what I know, I’m not sure if people actually mean it when they say that, or if they’re trying to be edgy. I never understood that sentiment.


I have no proof, only whispers
It has come to an end. Great episode. I'm surprised the official death toll is only 31.

I look forward to the show creators career. I hope he brings to film another world history event.