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Hargeisa governor Musa Bihi demands 30% shares in Dahabshiil

Civil war was all over the somali peninsula in the 90s,HY killed HA too
He didn’t use the army to steal those lands
Stealing lands and locking up journalists does not make him the worst somali dictator in somali history,he is no different from guelleh and FGS locks up journalists too
Muse bixi is not well liked in somaliland,and i can say the worst president,silanyo was corrupt but he had tact.
The worst dictator in somali history is siad barre,it silly to defend him because he was from your clan when its that obvious
Especially in Berbera and Burco
I am not a fan of Biixi, but it is beyond delusion to compare him with the likes of Siyad Barre. Every criticism must be constructive and not on emotions. Kulaha unprecented.

To your three points:

1) Siyad Barre was so power hungry he killed close to 100k people to stay in power

2) money hungry ? He and his clansmen looted the fertile land of the south for 21 years.

3) thin skinned ? He ordered the killing of civilian killings in Mudug when the civil war was not even close (early 80's) and SSDF did not have much presence. When SNM took over Burco and Hargeisa in 88 he ordered air strikes which destroyed noth cities completely.

Basically Biixi is definitely not even close to Siyad Barre.

The whole story doesn't add up. Maybe Biixi can give government projects (mashaariic) sponsored by the UN to his family/friends, like any other Somali politicians do, but how realistic is it that he can demand 30 percent of the biggest Somali company that operates globally ? Common on....Of course common sense is not the strength of an Guulwade, but at least try to think for yourself once.
Inadder, what do you think about the 1994 civil war because I hear people use that excuse against MB. Furthermore, its like Saaxil residents using it on Dahir Rayaaale because he was formerly a secret intelligence officer is siad barre regime stationed in Berbera. What's your thoughts ?
the emotional one is you sxb, everyone knows siyad barre never cared about money and people could insult him right to his face and he would do nothing.

siyad barre fought against rebels and the 100k figure is fake. stealing of land began after siyad barre was toppled and it was mainly done in shabeelaha.

siyad barre did love being in charge.
siad barre stole land Habar Yoonis Grazing Land in sanaag and gave it to "laangaab" Reer Las qorey.
garxajis say musa biixi came to power through fake elections

musa biixi killed garaxjis during the isaaq civil war in 1994
musa biixi has slapped and puts into jail any oppisition leader
musa biixi has used his army to steal land in hargeysa
musa biixi forces harass anyone who saysing anything against him
musa biixi banned freedom of speech of journalist
musa biixi massacred thousands of ogadeen IDP in hargeysa
How can you be a muslim and at the sametime admire Siad Barre...……….


I'm an ok person
dictator musa biixi is a dictator that is a never seen before in Somali history. he has 3 characteristics that is unique to him

1) power hungry
2) money hungry
3) thin skinned

there is no way he will leave office peacefully.
The secessionist faction here were acting like they send back the Djibouti internet cable ship cause they weren't notified. All along their leader wanted a piece of the cake.

This is an internal beef between the Jeegaan alliance. Mr Dahabshiil wants to dominate all industry cause he has the cash for it. In exchange for operating telecommunications and soon the only cement factory, the shameless Bixi wants his tribe to buy into the family jewels.
& people wonder why we aren't investing in Somalia?

Even the most stable regions are full of hyenas.

Dahabshiil might be able to fend them off but what about the small guys?