Halima Aden gets a new DOG !!!


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I wonder if she still has relationship with her mom, she is one of those really religious ladies so she doesn’t approve of her daughter’s career.


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Don’t get how people like animals in there house, ur yard will eventually smell like xaar.


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I'm really surprised about these comments that portray her as someone compromising her deen for having a dog, don't they know that there is a whole sunni doctrine that permissible to have dog and don't see it as impure. :damsel:

Are you talking about the Maliki Madhab? As far as I'm aware they don't view dog saliva as impure but still consider it impermissible to keep a dog without a valid reason.


So, bottom line we somalis are afraid of Dogs, dislike them and run from them but love cats and have one Cat breed named after us like this one below.


An old uncle who used to live with us fell on his butt one day after he ran away from a neighboring Dog out of fear of the Dog touching him. So we complained to the neighbor to leash their stupid dog and teach it some manners.

99% of Somalis hate dogs and run away from them.

I owned a cat when I was in Somalia. Haliimo could have traded the dog with a cat.
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What makes dogs haram anyway? Ngl but I wanted a dog too, but I'd never have it in the house. I'd let it live in the shed.

I just love animals.

What about dogs is haram?


This is my opinion but Islam may have instructed Muslims to keep Dogs only for service and take care of them that way for health reasons. Islam says you can hunt with your dog and eat what the Dog captures for you, but you have to cut the piece the Dog dug its teeth into and bit on the game it captured. Also, One must wash where the Saliva of the Dog touches on your body and clothing several times with water. If you think about these instructions in light of modern day medicine and biology, Dogs carry dangerous viruses and bacteria in their mouth. This is also why western countries impose strict rules on dog ownership and vaccinating is one requirement for keeping a dog as a pet. You have to take it to a veterinarian periodically.

Search articles of Dog owners losing their legs and arms after their Dogs licked their face. Somehow viral infection gets into these people that causes them to lose their limbs. Sometimes it causes brain infection. There is danger associated with the animal and that is why precautions are taken in keeping it as a pet generally in the west.

Islam sought to separate the animal from the people by letting it live with the people but as a service animal used for hunting, guarding and other means. Not a pet you keep it in the house 24/7.

Also think about the many rituals in Islam like showering after sex(mandatory), brushing your teeth often, shaving your armpits and pubic hair, etc. Back in the early days, Muslims accepted all of these without caring too much about the why even though many of these rituals were obvious in their wisdom. These good hygiene practices were tied to prayer so Muslims didn't take them lightly. Cleanliness was made half faith in Islam. For people like us modern day societies, we can find why these are very useful hygiene practices medically speaking and see the benefit materialistically. A Somali somewhere in Somalia doesn't care about the why and follows the rituals out of devotion. That Somali is still wise and benefits from following the rituals out of devotion without justifying them in his mind.

All I am saying is, the reasons of why certain rituals have to be followed can be obvious or not so obvious but nonetheless effective in their objective/purpose. It always leads to something good.