Half-Filipino Somali Christian Girl Baffles Somalis on Twitter

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Since when do dark skin Somali girls with flat noses, big lips and nearly closed eyes get this much praise?

If this girl said she was full somalis there would be thread going on about a Somali Bantu girl is gassing herself up. Kkkkkkkk

I like all somali girls tbh except the Somali girls from the hood. The hood Somali girls are unattractive :manny:

Half-Somali girls are pretty but I think fully ethnic Somali girls look beautiful and I prefer fully ethnic Somali girls :manny:

Its just the weirdos on this site who hate bantus and think any Somali with slightly "bantu" features is ugly abayo macaan like malawax you know how it goes :pachah1:

I always praise sexy Somali girls, Somali girls are my weakness :diddyass:
Half-Somali girls are beautiful.

When the father is Somali, they become part of the ajanbi culture but when the mother is Somali, they become Muslim and somali

Not always. It depends on the character of the parent. Yes, it can seem like that if the man leaves his family and the children are being brought up by their other half, especially if the woman is holding a grudge against the fella for leaving, but what if his Somalinimo and his marriage is intact? I don't think so.

The "new age " girls with zero to minimal understanding of Somalinimo and their heritage are no different than the absent or equally clueless father.
I reckon I stand a good chance with her. I don't resent your skepticism. It is true my appearance is extraordinarily repulsive, but here's the thing you guys don't reckon on. I have more capital in my Rolex than you fellas have in all your accumulated possessions. One look at that bling and cutie knows she's set for life. Plus she knows I will die in a few years and my savings are hers.


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WTF? Half Somali? She looks like the typical Asian & Black half breeds. She's lying bruhs, Ling Nguyen got some BBC action behind the club one night in 1997 in LA and now this byproduct is claiming Somali? :mjkkk:

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Classic case of a Somali dude who had a one night stand.

You can't expect her turn Muslim
You think I'm jealous of every non Somali female. Because I routinely say the exact same thing about Somali girls and you never say anything.

Be honest..... do you think Somali girls are beneath every other race? :ummhmsmiley:

but yeah she looks like she's from the slums of Manila. The only feature she got off her somali dad was dark skin. Making her look kind of unfortunate.

Indho yar, San weyne and shortness are not something most are jealous of. At least not me. :hova:

If you ain't gonna post pics stop throwing rocks that goes double for bird brain @Reiko


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WTF? Half Somali? She looks like the typical Asian & Black half breeds. She's lying bruhs, Ling Nguyen got some BBC action behind the club one night in 1997 in LA and now this byproduct is claiming Somali? :mjkkk:
Why do you talk like a cadaan man only a nigga with a lil dick talks like that BBC kulaha waste yute


It's ya girl with another one of these Somali Twitter threads

So this girl, half-Filipino and half-Somali, decides to post some pictures of herself to take advantage of the "BreakTheInternet" photo tags that have been trending over the past week or so

It wasn't long before people noticed the Cross necklace she was wearing

Most people are shocked to see that Somali Christians exist. Some are jumping to her defense since they know a Somali Christian or two


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I agree you cant be A Christian or atheist your No longer a Somali
There are a lot of Christian Somali that are in fact still Somali
Half-Somali girls are beautiful.
Don't fetishise them nacalaa
We need a half-Somali women appreciation thread :lolbron:
You're a shaydaan :damn::damn::damn:
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