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I thought the Indians had been brought over as indentured servants/labourers (not slaves) and free to leave after they finished X years of work.. unless there was some loophole in their contract that I'm unaware of but it seems like the lifestyle was harsh regardless.
Mind you , there are 1or 2 Somalis who made it there as seaman and intermarried with the local population .

The Indiana were brought to South America and the Caribbean island as labourers after slavery was abolished . You can see their influence in words like " Ganja " and curry that is used in some dishes .
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Guyane is a country located in south america but the thing i find very weird is, these people look indians, they even have same culture like in India, the girls are very beautiful damnnnn


There are two different Guyanas: Guyana, which is an independent country and French Guyana which is part of France.


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A lot of them are physically indistinguishable from Indians. Except for the fact that their women tend to have much better bodies on average. Over here I've noticed that if you see and Indian chick with a phat ass she's usually Guyanese.

There's lots of them here in Toronto.
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