Graphic‼️Morocco police massacre a bunch of Africans

You arab booty clappers would get the same treatment

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You arab booty clappers would get the same treatment View attachment 228260
you are definently dark skin or young kid.No one in Morocco is going to beat your ass American Jim Crow style.These people are illegals and tried to cross into Spain which Morocco has a deal with.

When Spain wasn't recognizing the Western Sahara as part of Morocco, the authorities will let the madows attempt to enter the Spanish enclaves in Africa which are under-manned.Now Spain has recognized Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara, Morocco will begun policing their borders.Many of these madows in morocco are illegal anyway
While it might be therapeutic to vent and unleash our vitriol against the North Africans, we really should be reserving that judgement on the death-deserving creatures we call our 'leaders'.

Africa truly needs a cleansing and we may only need four (4) successful Nations to move the continent forward -- and we don't even have one (1).
The African Union are big babies in suits

do you know that china built the AU building in addis abbaba

do you know what MESSAGE that sends??????
Has there been a recent surge in black migrants to Ceuta and Melilla or is the topic getting more attention as of late :cosbyhmm:


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