Gedo joining South West State


Seems like Reer Gedo is joining back to being under Raxanweyns and to start learning Af-Maay Maay once again. Even their MX supremacist spokesperson resigned after hearing he will be under Baydhabo.

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@Bariire, sxb come thru :trumpsmirk:

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Dumb reer Gedo, after 4 and half years of Hostility/colaad in Jubaland to take power over by force from Ahmed Madobe using the Somalia's state resource under their Abo farmaaajo has failed, they now want to be under Koonfur Galbeed kkkkkk.

I knew Gedo was gonna end up in KG when last year Lafta-gareen added an MX MP into KG State which never existed before.

Anyway its too late, MX will forever be an looma oyaan 3rd class citizens under Kablalax hegemony in Jubaland, as for KG State it will soon be absorped by the Hawiyes with their incoming Hawiye SFG Government, KG was always an Hawiye Hegemony and will remain so forever.


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For all anybody cares, Gedo could be a 51st state of United States. A Hirshabellian has more concerning worries then what ever Gedo does or joins. :mjlol:
The story is that Laftagareen wanted to change the NISA mercenaries in Doolow,Luuq and Beledxaawo to Rxs. Forcing Farmaajo to change them if he wants Sws votes. Laftagareen himself was born in Beledxaawo so he’s basically a Supremist looking to annex land. Gedo moslty south of it will always be part of Jubaland even if the Illegal refugees in north Gedo choose a life of humiliation :yousmart:


Somali, is a race
I thought about Cawlyahan for a sec but then quickly realized they dont care about getting their land back so, I was back to happy about the news till party poopers said it was a fake news. Sigh.


Somali, is a race
It will be a well deserved beautiful KARMA if the news is true. Every Somali from Ogadenia to Somalia always run from Ogaden even though Ogaden are welcoming towards them and our men have stupidly awarded these destructive/clannists lands without a sec thought of the violence they would bring to Ogaden women and children. But the beauty has been and will continue to be, if you run because you see us as an enemy although, we have not shown an ounce of animosity towards you you always end up in the hands of a real enemy who never hesitates to slaughter even your infants. This is going to be a repeat of raxanweyne crucifying mx using nails and hammers. My mocktail will be ready, cold and delicious for me to enjoy once the second crucifixions of mx commences.