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how is 6 almost a sweep toronto went as far as it could with the lowest payroll of the final four future is bright :lawd:
There is no future in this corrupt league. NHL is surpassing them in ticket sales. How sad is that? Everyone is tired of the mafia culture that exists in the NBA. If you had any shame you'd be watching the Maple Leafs


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Lmfao. How about I find a post in this very thread? You're now the biggest Cleveland fan. Lol. No loyalty. Lol
:childplease: I'm happy for Ohio my first home in the states. :****aanyolaugh:and Bron. This is coming from Bron's biggest hater too. I give credit where it's due unlike you.:ufdup:
There is no face of the NHL. No face of the MLB. No face of NFL.

But TMZ sports league NBA has LeBron as the league's face. Rigged. NBA referees have come out and have said they were told to rig games. You're all celebrating corruption and bribes. This is in your blood.
The NBA can't be compared to those other leagues. There are far fewer players on a basketball court, and the nature of the sport allows for dominant performances by superstar athletes.

Just like how Jordan was once the face of the NBA, this is Lebron's time to be the face of the league. Instead of hating on the man's game maybe you should appreciate his talent and greatness. I predict that Karl Anthony Towns will be the future MVP of the league and best player, so the "Face of the NBA" status will go to him in the future. He's only like 19 years old right now so we'll see how he does in the future.
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