Galmudugs Borders and Populations

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Mashallah then darod can free you from me isn't it :pachah1:
Didnt my kind just capture trash calling themself somaliland few days ago:cryinglaughsmiley:
Tell me all the HA brave militia holding dhulos hostage:cryinglaughsmiley:
So far there is 3 facts dhulos use to abuse you in the 1800/1900
They made you homeless and forced you into refugee camp
And they abused your females in yo villages :cryinglaughsmiley:
I feel accomplish knowing i played a vital role in HA females getting passed around by Jamaicans in london:eating:
they thought I was gonna claim a dusty street that is no even paved:faysalwtf:
Clearly, I posted that because all the buildings in the background are in Galmudug.:siilaanyolaugh:
And this xooolo @Yonois guy kulaha, Five-star is owned by an MJ:dabcasar:
Clearly, when Abdul Jamac Dharas is well known Hawiye business man, who heavily invested in his state.
next thing I expect is Horumod the biggest telecommunication company is owned by an MJ:ileycry::mjlol:
Their lies are starting to get very annoying

Cotton Eyed Joe

More law, less justice.
Sxb I thought we would be honest, the airplane is LANDING while flying over the city. If that is the case then by necessity it is the southern part of Gaalkacyo that is being filmed, since it is the right side of the plane, as you can see in the picture.

Now, if you say it is Pl side that is being filmed then Baraxley is a PL neighbourhood... :mjlol:

It's all Puntland side, the picture he is using is from a Puntlander. Here is the link=

Here is the sources his pictures it includes the main road. He's a claimant just like @XamarCade they claim what is not theirs. :hova:


Agent 47

21st Divsion of Somali National Army
I thought He was from Galmudug:hmm:
Why does he have our buildings in his shit?

You can see the Horumud building, The building with the blue colors on the sides and alshacab school in the background and other buildings in galmudug part. Not a single building is found in Puntland part.
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