Galmudug SWS massacre sets a dangerous precedent


No drama

@diaby is just completely ignorering the sad state of his people and just repeating the same two sentences..
We killed you, we raped you with a face like this :ileycry:

He thinks he'll win the argument by repeating him self over and over again.. He's no match for us.. Miskiin peasant Ogaden :pachah1:


I could agree with you but then we’d both be wrong
Diaby is a soft newbie.... He repeats himself just like the retarded Marehan kid @Sheikh.

He begged me to speak to Ferrari when I brutalized him heartlessly.
It's NOT me who tagged his crew to get some badly needed assistance:drakelaugh:
"Hey Ferrari, come help me homie" :lolbron:
Keep telling yourself that if it puts your fragile heart at rest.

You still haven't managed to respond to any of my queries, i see you dodging them hard :ehh:

In the meantine my OG boys will continue pelting naagaha majerteen whenever they feel like since there is no threat of retalitiation :samwelcome:


Jaalle Ugas ''Comrade Ugas''
You waited an entire month and bumped a dead thread to reply to him with that?
If you have noticed have I commented on this thread or have I been active on this thread the past month? He @ed me. Man @Crow I used to appreciate you before but then again you're a Bantu nigga with huutus blood :susp: